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​Snacks on Tap is a small business in the Southern California area that is working with local and regional breweries to use their beer in creating a great snack product.

​Our selections currently include IPA, Stout, Wheat, and Chili Lime Craft Beer Glazed snacks. 

Our IPA Snacks include hops along with some sugar and spice and everything nice to give it a complexity of flavor. Handcrafted with an IPA or Pale Ale, creating a slight sweetness, making them hard to resist.


Our Stout Snacks are sweet and spicy with cinnamon and malt, giving them a roasty sweet taste. A favorite for beer lovers and non-beer lovers alike. 


Our Wheat Snacks have spices to accentuate the flavors found in hefeweizens or witbiers. They are complex and flavorful with a kick.


We started as North Park Nuttery in 2014. We first came across the idea of pairing beer with nuts in Edinburg, Scotland during a beer tour. While attending a gastropub for a special release by BrewDog and arriving after the kitchen had closed; we realized we wouldn’t be able to stay very long without eating. Fortunately, we were able to snack on some peanuts, giving us the idea of fusing craft beer with peanuts.

In 2017, North Park Nuttery took a hiatus. With the urging of family and friends to partner up, we were excited to begin our relaunch in 2020. In doing so, we came across a potential trademark issue, and decided to change our name to Snacks on Tap. 

​The love of craft beer and creating different craft beer glazed snacks are the driving force behind our company.

​We look forward to serving you.

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