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Snacks on Tap, a Southern California-based small business, collaborates with local and regional breweries to offer a unique selection of craft beer glazed snacks.


Currently, our lineup features IPA, Stout, Wheat, and Chili Lime Craft Beer Glazed snacks. The IPA Snacks boast a delightful complexity, combining hops, sugar, and spices, handcrafted with an IPA or Pale Ale for a subtle sweetness that's irresistibly tempting.


For enthusiasts of sweet and spicy flavors, our Stout Snacks are a favorite. Infused with cinnamon and malt, they deliver a roasty sweet taste that appeals to both beer lovers and non-beer enthusiasts alike.


The Wheat Snacks are crafted with a blend of spices, accentuating the distinct flavors found in hefeweizens or witbiers. Complex and flavorful with a satisfying kick, these snacks are a treat for the taste buds.


Our journey began as North Park Nuttery in 2014, inspired by a serendipitous experience in Edinburg, Scotland, where the idea of pairing beer with nuts first took root during a beer tour. Originally starting with peanuts, we envisioned the fusion of craft beer with snacks.


After a hiatus in 2017, prompted by encouragement from family and friends, we eagerly relaunched in 2020. During this process, we encountered a potential trademark issue, leading us to rebrand as Snacks on Tap.


Driven by a passion for craft beer and the art of creating diverse craft beer-glazed snacks, our company is dedicated to serving you with exceptional treats. We look forward to the pleasure of delighting your taste buds with our unique offerings.

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